1x Jet Ski                             2x Jet Ski

2 Hours     $250.00                                $500.00

4 Hours     $350.00                                $750.00

6 Hours     $500.00                                $1,000.00

24 Hours   $600.00                                $1,200.00 (on tandem trailer)

3+ Days    $400.00 per Day                   $800.00 per day (on tandem trailer)

Fishing set up- Chilly Bin (supply own gear) + $75

Fishing set up – Chilly Bin and 1x rod and reel set up for soft baiting or micro jigging +$100.00


2-6 hours = $500.00 held on your credit card, or driver license of Jet Ski operator/s.

Taking Jet Ski away yourself = $1,500 bond held on your credit card.

Bond is covering damage to Jet Ski, Trailer or Equipment provided. Refundable after any damages or lost equipment costs deducted.

Must agree to Terms and Conditions (emailed to you) prior to booking or hiring. Including agreeing to pay for any damage other than wear and tear.

Gift Vouchers are available on request. 


Customised Tour Prices

Excellent for those with no or little Marine Knowledge

2 Hours     $300.00 

3 Hours     $400.00

30 Mins   $160.00 (Tauranga Harbour only)

I can customise a tour to suit what you want. Choose from; looking for stingrays, sight seeing around Mauao/ Rabbit island, looking for marine life, take a picnic to a quiet beach, find a spot out the way to have a speed thrill.

Fishing tour available with Rod/reel and softbait/ micro jigging tackle provided. Remember its called fishing, not catching.